Planning, Manufacturing and Delivery

Post Tension Process

  1. Value Engineering: We offer value engineering recommendations in order to create labor savings and maximize the efficiency of post tensioning in your design.

  2. Construction Joint Location: Working closely with your construction schedules, we can assist with planning pour sizes and sequences.

  3. Field Placement Drawings: We prepare the highest quality of field placement drawings. Our drawings show all construction joints, pour sequences, columns, vertical bars in beam end views, special details for unusual situations, as well as standard details about post tension system placement.

  4. Manufacturing and Transportation: We manufacture post-tensioning materials in our own PTI certified facility, and deliver them to the job-site.

  5. Stressing Equipment: After the cables are placed and the concrete has cured, we provide the hydraulic stressing equipment needed to stress the cables and perform all the necessary equipment calibration.

  6. On-Site Support: We maintain contact with each client to ensure project delivery is on pace with their construction schedules. Field personnel are available to help troubleshoot any issues with installation or stressing.

  7. Stressing Log Review: Our staff is available to review the elongations and write a review compliance letter.