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Engineered for Strength: Post Tensioning Solutions for Structural Excellence.

Our Products


We have both encapsulated and standard anchor systems. This allows you both types of post tension constructions, whether it be slab on ground or elevated floors.

Barrier Cables

We have ½” 250ksi galvanized strand and end anchorages for use in parking garage applications. We ship this material when necessary along with the post tension cables to save time and costs.

Stressing Equipment

The hydraulic stressing machines needed to stress the cables is provided by PT USA. We ship it to the jobsite in lockable gang boxes.

Stud Rails

PT USA provides stud shear rails to add reinforcement to column-slab connections. The Stud shear rails meet all ICC requirements. We coordinate necessary estimates, drawings and deliveries.

Field Services

Review of post tension installation, trouble shoot issues, field calibration of stressing equipment

Our Services

What We Offer

Optimization of Structural Design

We have the opportunity to assess both the structural design and construction methods in order to achieve efficiency in labor while optimizing the impact of post-tensioning for structural reinforcement.

Project Management

Our project management services encompass smart construction planning, clear guidance through detailed drawings, top-quality materials provision, on-site expertise for issue resolution, and thorough quality assurance. This comprehensive approach ensures seamless project execution and high-quality outcomes.

Field Placement Drawings

Precision meets innovation in the realm of structural design and construction. Our service offers a unique opportunity to evaluate and optimize both structural designs and construction methodologies, all with the goal of enhancing labor efficiency while harnessing the power of post-tensioning for superior structural reinforcement.

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