benefits of post tensioning

Creating lightweight and durable structures

  1. Less Reinforcing Steel: Post tensioning reduces the amount of reinforcing steel needed in a structure, which provides savings on construction.

  2. Faster Construction Schedules: Compared to other reinforcement systems, post tensioned members have faster construction schedules because they have fewer pieces to install and use less concrete. Once the post tensioning material is stressed, generally the formwork can be stripped and re-shored, allowing the formwork to be quickly moved.

  3. Thinner Slab Depth: Post tensioning allows for less concrete slab depth, which means less building dead load and less loads to the foundation.

  4. Fewer Columns: Column spans are lengthened, which reduces the number of columns needed and increases the design’s functional flexibility.

  5. Existing Structures: Post tension systems can be used to retrofit an existing structure to increase load capacity.

  6. Prevents Concrete Cracking: Post tensioning reinforcement reduces cracking in concrete by adding compression. Any cracks that do occur prior to the tensioning process will tend to close due to the added compression

  7. Openings: Openings can be placed in existing post-tensioned structures. Contact us for the required procedure, materials and installation.